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Applied Art School in Riga

​1976 - 1980

Tallinn Art Univesity

​1980 - 1985

Since 1985 the works has been presented in:


and many more...




  1996-International Jewelry Exhibition in St. Petersburg​

            First preise of Faberge for silver work​


Solo Exhibitions:


1992  Gallery "Vartau"  Vilnius, Lithuania

1993  Gallery "Vartau"  Vilnius, Lithuania


1994  Gallery  "Stavenkunst"  Buxtehude, Germany

          Gallery  "Goldader"  Hamburg, Germany

          Gallery  "Scmuck zum Tragen"  Ornabrück, Germany

1995  Gallery  "Sussi"  Riga, Latvia

1996  Gallery  "Riga"  Riga, Latvia

1997  Gallery  "Faerber"  Ahrensburg, Germany

1998  Gallery  "Burg"  Fehmarn, Germany

          Gallery  "Unikat"  Panker,  Germany

1999  Gallery  "Klumpe"  Werlte, Germany

          Gallery  "Goldwerk"  Hamburg, Germany

          Gellery  "Nina Moden"  Hamburg, Germany

          Gallery  "Burg"  Fehmarn, Germany

          Gallery  "Unikat"  Panker,  Germany

2000  Gallery  "Unikat"  Panker,  Germany      

          Gallery  "Fehr"  Buchholz,  Germany

          Gallery  "Putti"  Riga,  Latvia

2001  Gallery  "Putti"  Riga,  Latvia

2002  Gallery  "Putti"  Riga,  Latvia

2003  Gallery  "Putti"  Riga,  Latvia

2006  Gallery  "Putti"  Riga,  Latvia

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